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  • FLEXIBILITY - Digital Displays allow you the flexibility to change your communication quickly and seamlessly.  Timely communication provides you with the flexibility to display appropriate information at different times of the day/week/year.  Specials can change weekly and now, so can your signage!
  • COMMAND ATTENTION - Traditional signage is static, with Digital, your message moves, therefore commanding the buyer's attention.
  • RELAVENT/TIMELY INFORMATION - Provide your customers with timely action, "Sale Today!" and "Half Off Next Week!".  These action words cause frequency return for your business.
  • ENTERTAINING - Use your display to not only up-sell your customers, but entertain them as well.

Digital signage

Digital Display Systems combines the responsiveness of the Internet with the dynamic nature of television. 

Cost of implementation has been reduced significantly in the last few years, bringing Digital Signage to the mainstream marketplace for not only large-scale business, but medium and small as well.

Whether your a restaurant, gym, financial institution or a small business owner, all can benefit from moving to Digital Signage!

ON THE DOCK MEDIA uses robust, industry standard multimedia software to design targeted advertising, communication and promotion material that will increase brand recognition and increase sales numbers.  With the content development capacity of ON THE DOCK MEDIA, the retailer has a hands free operation that will dramatically impact on their bottom line, and at a cost that is a fraction of other forms of advertising that may or may not reach the intended audience.  We have packages that will suit all needs from content strategy, installation, content management and graphic and video production.


RETAIL - Digital Signage will help you visually attract people passing by.  Turning your window into a dynamically visual electronic sign will draw attention to your location's services and quickly raise awareness to current specials.  Once in your location, patrons will benefit from the digital signage by informing them of Point of Purchase deals while solidifying consistent brand imaging.

CONFERENCES - Add technology to your conference to enhance attendees experience and make it much more pleasurable experience.  Wayfinding signs assist attendees to their appropriate workshops and rooms and conference digital signs will help promote activities taking place at the conference as well as helping promote conference sponsors.